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We are in the process of creating The Quilted Path web site. Please bookmark this page and return often to view our progress.
The page design you see here is only an temporary one. We are deveoping our one unique one that we will be unveiling soon.
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QP is developing FREE billboard web pages for those who have a quilting business or service. What is a billboard web site? You'll have to wait until we complete the development of them.
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NEW! Classified Ads for Quilters. Please post only ads that are quilt-related. All MLM, Make-Money-Fast, or Quick Cash Schemes will be deleted.

Quilted Path Links are some places on the web that we've found to be of interest to quilters.

NEW! NEW! A CALL FOR ARTICLES - Quilted Path is looking for articles to post on this site. Send your written article about quilting or any quilt-related topic to webmaster@quiltedpath.zzn.com or call for details (contact info on our Contact Page).

COMING SOON!!- Do you have quilts that you'd like to sell? But you don't know how to start or don't want the hassles of trying to promote their sale? QP will be coming out with a Consignment Sale feature. A fantastic new, no-cost to you feature. Want more info? Use the Request Form by clicking the link below.

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Quilted Treasures, Inc.

Quilters Webring
The Quilted Path is proud to sponsor a unique web community of quilter web sites that can be accessed via the webring navigational links below.
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This Quilt A Round site
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This RingSurf Cyber Quilting Bee Net Ring
owned by Quiltede Path.

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This Eva's Quilt RingRingSurf Net Ring
owned by Quilted Path.

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